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mi casa su casa is a membership organization that was founded in 1992. We've had lesbian, gay and gay-friendly members (a few with children) in over 20 countries and regions who've listed in our Member Directory with a property description and two photographs of their house or apartment. The Member Directory is an attractive, informative catalog that is updated regularly online. You join by paying an annual membership fee to be listed for three years in the Member Directory.

The mi casa su casa site was taken over by the guys who run PurpleRoofs.com in early 2001. At that time, the site had been essentially shut down for a year, and there were no remaining members. We rebuilt the site and the membership from the ground up, and now have close to 200 members, with more being added all the time. In October 2004 we revised the site again, giving it a fresh new look, better navigation, and a database search to help home traders find good matches for their next vacations.

When using the directory, remember that gays & lesbians, not just in the U.S.A. but especially abroad, are open about their sexuality in varying degrees. Therefore, we only publish full names, addresses and telephone numbers in the password protected Member Directory, not in the free public directory - only other members who have valid user names and passwords can access the contact information.. Members can choose what information they wish to disclose in the Index, allowing for either direct contact or indirect contact (i.e., requests to contact another member are routed through our office). After contact is made, members then discuss the specific dates and details of the type of exchange and make all their own arrangements.

The primary service we offer is:

Home Exchange

Lesbian, gay, and gay-friendly members of the mi casa su casa worldwide vacation network can exchange houses/apartments for an agreed period of time, anywhere from a weekend to a few weeks to a few months. While you stay in a member's home in their city and country, they stay in your home. No money is exchanged. Each party continues to pay their own mortgage/rent as usual. Types of homes exchanged range from modest flats and country cabins to spacious houses.

More Info on Home Exchanges, Click Here

We Also Offer:

Hospitality Exchange

Instead of actually exchanging homes, members agree to host one another for equal time periods free-of-charge. In other words, you stay with a member in their home on your vacation in London during April, and then during their holiday in September, they stay with you in Chicago. These exchanges are often much easier to arrange, as you don't have to vacation at the same time as your trading partner. It's a great way to make new friends! And perfect for weekend exchanges between members in the same country.

More Info on Hospitality Exchanges, Click Here

Room Exchange

If you share a house or flat with roommates, you are also eligible to join the network. Room exchange works like home exchange except you stay in the member's room in their house or apartment during the same period that they stay in your room. Ask your roommates if they're open to you doing such an exchange.

More Info on Room Exchanges, Click Here

Room Rentals

Members provide an extra bedroom in their home to paying guests. Depending on the city's standard of living, rates per night are approximately US $40-50 (host determines rate). A meal, usually breakfast, may be provided by the host. Guests can also have use of the kitchen, provided they purchase their own groceries.

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Home Page > Services Available Through Mi Casa Su Casa

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